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CAD Design of your Parts

We are specialists in the design of change parts for rinsing, filling, capping and labelling machines, and can assist customers with their feed screw (timing screw) and feed scroll requirements for these machines, as well as applications such as spacing, merging, line control, orientation and timing.

Our team are experts in designing invertor boxes for rotating products – allowing customers to deploy operations such as bar coding the base of cans or rinsing and inverting them for refilling etc. We can also work with customers requiring cap unscrambling (sorting) and cap chute technology and conveyor curves or wear bends (either standard or to suit specific applications).

If customers want to supply drawings with their own drawing or part numbers, Global Plastics will issue a reference number that will be linked to the customer’s own drawing or part number – allowing our customers to use their own drawing and part numbers when re-ordering.

Key Benefits

Global Plastics can offer a full design service – from product concept through CAD drafting to manufacture.

  • CAD design and concept proving
  • Customised database
  • Easy ordering of customer part or drawing numbers

Global Plastics’s solid experience and deep understanding of the canning and bottling industry change part technical requirements, we can design cost-effective, efficient and reliable solutions for our customers.

We are able to provide a wide range of different tooling and mould options, that are cost effective and workable for all prototyping or large manufacturing runs.

The team at Global Plastics offer full commissioning of change parts onsite – this ensures that the parts operate at their optimum and are timed to operate with existing parts resulting in minimal disruption during change overs.

With full CAD capabilities, Global Plastics can take your idea from a sketch or photo and convert into a working drawing. This will enable quick accurate references and prove a concept will work, before proceeding further.

With a full machining shop and onsite manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer our customers first class service at very competitive prices.

Manufacture to your requirements

Global Plastics, we are able to provide a wide range of engineering solutions to all industries.

With extensive experience within the manufacturing industry, we can provide quality engineered solutions in the design and supply of components to suit all needs.

Our success has come from listening to our customers and tailoring solutions to their specific needs. We believe that we have a responsibility to provide our customers with the best product and services to suit their requirements.

On-site assessment

At Global Plastics, we understand how important customer time constraints are. Our customers are welcome to take advantage of our on-site service, where we will bring our 80 years of Global Plastics experience to your premises to assess your request.

At Global Plastics, we believe that allowing customers to discuss their projects face to face offers greater clarity and certainty than via emails/drawings, as it allows us to get a better understanding of the customers’ specific problem as it relates to other moving components and materials.

On-site measure of your machine or components

Measurements proven by templates.

At Global Plastics we understand the production time constraints our customers face and so we offer an onsite machine measurement service. Our team will come to your premises with the necessary measuring equipment and tools to ensure the job is done right first time during a maintenance period or outside of normal working hours if you prefer.

Once we have your machine measured, the team will produce templates from CAD geometries to prove the measurements before manufacturing your change parts.

We are able to make these templates available to our customer to ensure their machines are correctly aligned if they need to move the machine if any crashes occur.

Key Benefits

We are able to make these templates available to our customer to ensure their machines are correctly aligned if they need to move the machine if any crashes occur.

  • Measuring service outside of production times
  • Measurements checked by template
  • Future parts able to be made within tight lead times

Product Development

By combining our considerable team experience with our passion for innovation in the industry, we have been successful over the years in developing new products and improving existing ones.

Quality Accredited

The team at Global Plastics prides itself on ensuring that before any item leaves the site, it has been through our own accredited quality checks to ensure that the product meets customer specifications.

Urgent Cutting Service

We understand that at times urgent material cutting is required for breakdowns and critical engineering applications.

To assist our customers to get their business back up and running as soon as possible, Global Plastics always endeavours to accommodate requests for any urgent, straight-forward cutting on the spot.

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